Irritated Eyes

Symptoms such as dry eyes, irritated eyes, contact lens problems, or if blinking helps to clear your vision can be due to dry eyes. It is common for computer users to have dry eyes. This is because we don’t blink much and we hold our eyes wide open when working at the computer.

The following steps can help alleviate your symptoms:

Use artificial tears to re-wet and lubricate your eyes. Use as recommended by either your doctor or the manufacturer.
Lower your computer screen so that the center of the screen is 4-8 inches below your eyes.
If you are seated in a draft or near an air vent, try to eliminate the flow of air past your eyes.
Low humidity or fumes aggravate a dry eye condition. If you have these conditions in your work place, fix them if possible.
Concentrate on blinking whenever you begin to sense symptoms of dry or irritated eyes.
Every once in a while (especially when you sense the symptoms) close your eyes and roll them behind your closed eye lids.

If symptoms persist you should consult your eye doctor for immediate